Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Calm before the storm...

As the date of our aliyah gets closer and after meeting with our shaliach aliyah a few more times, at least three things have now become crystal clear and obvious to me:

One is that the the Lyons children and parents have no idea what is about to hit them.
Two is that the Lyons children and parents have no idea what is about to hit them.
and of course the third thought, and this is very important so please pay attention, is that the Lyons children and parents really have no idea what is about to hit them.

But nevertheless, we leave our worrying to Hakadosh Boruch Hu (and my Mom). We are doing what we believe we need to do and should be doing. We need to live according to our beliefs and our actions should be dictated by them, end of story. Are we nervous? Yes. Are we scared? Yes. But we believe what we believe and going through life believing one way but behaving another, is just not an option. IY"H, the movers come tommorow.

Monday, June 05, 2006

Below is the text to my good-bye E-mail to my coworkers at the Trustmark Insurance Company...

To my dear friends and co-workers,

During our journey through life, we are presented with various choices, challenges and opportunities. For reasons known only to G-d, while challenges seem to exist almost daily, the opportunities in life seem to come few and far between. On top of this, opportunities are sometimes difficult to discern and quite often require some courage to go after them. There are times in life when we must go out and create opportunities for ourselves as well.

At this point in our life, my wife and I have decided that our family now stands at a small window of opportunity. Given the ages of our children, my current career path, our desire for personal (and spiritual) growth for ourselves and for our children, as well as a plethora of other emotions and feelings, we believe that our family is best positioned right now to go on 'Aliyah' and succeed at it. Aliyah is the Hebrew word which expresses ones picking up and moving to Israel. One of our goals in life was to allow our family the opportunity to dwell in Israel. Life is not a dress rehearsal so this is our window of opportunity for going after this dream and instead of ignoring it and letting it pass us by, we have made the decision to act upon it.

While it is easy for us to dream, it is much harder to turn these dreams into reality and, unfortunately, it is this process which requires sacrifice. Leaving my position at Trustmark definitely falls under this category. This company has taken good care of me over the past eight years and I am cognizant of being the recipient of such goodness. I hope that the work effort I put in was deserving of this care. I really want to thank each of you for making my time here meaningful and special. I also want to ask of your forgiveness for any unnecessary aggravation or stress I may have caused you over the years. I have a learned a lot form all of you and I am definitley going to miss you all.

It looks like June 23rd will be my last day at Trustmark and we will be leaving for Israel on July 5th. We are facing this next challenge in our life with optimism, excitement and of course, some nervousness. My e-mail address outside of work is . I hope you will keep in touch and if you ever make it over to the Holy Land, please stop by for a visit!

Wishing you all, the best of health and prosperity.


Mark Lyons.

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