Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Calm before the storm...

As the date of our aliyah gets closer and after meeting with our shaliach aliyah a few more times, at least three things have now become crystal clear and obvious to me:

One is that the the Lyons children and parents have no idea what is about to hit them.
Two is that the Lyons children and parents have no idea what is about to hit them.
and of course the third thought, and this is very important so please pay attention, is that the Lyons children and parents really have no idea what is about to hit them.

But nevertheless, we leave our worrying to Hakadosh Boruch Hu (and my Mom). We are doing what we believe we need to do and should be doing. We need to live according to our beliefs and our actions should be dictated by them, end of story. Are we nervous? Yes. Are we scared? Yes. But we believe what we believe and going through life believing one way but behaving another, is just not an option. IY"H, the movers come tommorow.

It's going to be the greatest ride of your life. Just hang on, and let G-d doing the driving. One of my favorite sayings is, "G-d doesn't drive a parked car". You're putting into drive, let G-d do the rest.
Didn't realize you had a day off work today!! That's because it's your MOVING DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOWIE WOW!!!!! REALITY IS HITTING HOME BABY!!!!!!!!! YEAH!!!!!!!!!!!

I'm glad you're going before me, so I can learn from your experiences!
Keep updating your blog!
Do you have a job? Or a lot of money?

I made Aliyah to Jerusalem in 2004 and have yet to find real full-time employment except for a month at IDT. Look up IDT Jerusalem. It's a call center where English-speakers (mostly) arrive in the evening and leave in the early morning to make marketing calls to the US. You too can be a telemarketer.

Unless you have a better job.

Insurance in Israel is different than the US because the role of the government is different and because all business like that is done in Hebrew. Do you know Hebrew?

The employment situation in Jerusalem is different from Tel Aviv area because Jerusalem is the government town (think Washington DC) and the tourist town. Tel Aviv is the business town (think New York). It ain't that simple but it's an approximation.

Moving your family from one to the other area is not so easy. It's a little like making Aliyah all over again because you have to learn the new environment.

So choose your place of residence carefully so you can find work within a commute of where you live.

The yeshuv is great if you can find work or have a car to commute with or can work online. Most people can't.

Keep us posted.
(just saw that ur movin to kochav admiration and happiness just went up a notch)

um are you in touch w/ nefesh b'nefesh? im assuming you are but just in case...'re the bestest...

o and i dont think u realized something else-a fourth thought-something tells me...that you and ur family...have NO idea what is about to hit you ;)
I hope your journey is a safe one. I am glad that we were able to continue your work with our current project. I hope it sets the groundwork for future initiatives. I look forward to hearing from you when you arrive.

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